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Dallas New Homes with Energy Efficient Value

Rendition Homes knows our customers want to leave a positive impact on the environment, while reducing their monthly energy bills, so we have committed to helping our buyers accomplish this. Rendition Homes is dedicated to the practice of building new homes with products that decrease harmful impact on the environment while increasing the level of comfort and living standard in your home. At Rendition Homes, we engineer your home to consume less energy and save you more money.Energy_Efficient

Live Green. Save Green.

In order to save homeowners money Rendition Homes has incorporated several features that will decrease monthly energy costs, at no cost to your comfort.  These features include: 

  • Energy Star Certified Appliances – By including Energy Star Certified kitchen appliances Rendition Homes is helping our homeowners reduce their utility bills and enhance appliance performance. 

  • Radiant-Barrier Roof Decking – In order to reduce heat transfer between your roof and attic floor, Rendition Homes uses a radiant-barrier roof decking. This decking will reflect much of the heat from the sun back up towards the roof so that you don’t feel the temperature rise inside your home.

  • High Efficiency Carrier Heating Ventilation And Cooling (HVAC) System– High Efficient HVAC systems use less energy to cool and heat the same amount of space as a standard HVAC system. This means you can reduce your utility bills on the system that uses the most energy in your new home.
  • Spray-On or B.I.B.S. Exterior Wall Insulation– Many times wall cavities contain some type of obstruction, like wiring and piping, so by using spray-on or B.I.B.S. insulation you will achieve tightly sealed, customized insulation that conforms to any wall shape.  This customized wall insulation improves energy efficiency by reducing air infiltration, boosting R-values and increasing the amount of insulation in your walls by 100 – 150%. These optional features vary by community.
  • Blown Insulation in the Attic– Rendition Homes ensures that our homes have the proper amount of premium insulation from trusted trade partners in the attic area to protect against heat transfer.  Using premium insulation will not only keep more of your home’s energy inside, but also uses components that are non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-flammable and pest resistant.
  • Low Emissions Windows– Vinyl windows do not transfer heat like metal windows, meaning you can keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 
  • Insulated Water Piping– Even the small things Rendition Homes does for our homes energy efficiency count, like taking time to ensure our water pipes are adequately insulated. Insulating water pipes reduces heat loss and can allow you to use a lower water temperature setting.
  • WaterSense Certified Fixtures– WaterSense is an EPA partnership dedicated to preserving our current and future water supply.  WaterSense certified fixture ensure this mission by performing as well or better than standard fixtures and saving 20% more water.

When you build your Dallas/Fort Worth home with us you’ll receive a great deal of added value that saves you money and allows your family to stay comfortable in all seasons. Please contact us today to discover more about Rendition Homes’ energy efficient features.

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