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Warranty FAQs

We’ve compiled some informative FAQs to help you understand a more about the Rendition Homes building process. Please contact us if you need further information. Our home building process is centered around you and we’d love to meet you to discuss what you want in a new home.


Q: Are my appliances covered by RENDITION Homes?

A: The appliances in your home are covered by the manufacturer. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer and schedule service appointments. We recommend that the appliance manuals be filed with the home warranty paperwork in case there are questions regarding appliance operation. Remember to register all appliances with the manufacturer.


Q: Why doesn’t RENDITION create attic storage space?

A: RENDITION Homes constructs homes using a truss system. The webbing of the trusses in the attic do not allow for usable storage space. The attic does allow for access in the event of a home inspection or possible repair work. While the attic may not be used for storage, your RENDITION home does have ample storage available throughout the home itself.


Q: Why do cracks form in my driveway?

A: Cracks in the concrete can form for a variety of reasons. Shrinkage, settlement, and overload are just a few of the more common reasons. Shrinkage is usually the cause behind the majority of the small cracks that appear in the driveway. As the concrete dries, the water at the surface evaporates between particles. Since the surface is exposed to air but the concrete beneath is not, the surface dries faster than the slab below and will therefore shrink faster. The concrete below restrains the shrinkage which then forces cracking to appear in the surface as a way to relieve the tension stresses. The cracks do not signify a defect to the concrete's integrity. Repeated use of the driveway by larger vehicles will also lead to cracks since those vehicles exceed the weight tolerances of the driveway. Should a crack exceed the standard outlined in the warranty booklet, Rendition Homes will make the necessary repairs however; we cannot guarantee the repaired concrete will match the color of the existing concrete. Color variations are typical.


Q: Why is there standing water in my yard?

A: The grading of the lots are done to the specification of city code. The grading of each lot allows for positive drainage flow which means it leads the water away from the foundation. There may be additional water in the swales but that should drain between 48-72 hours. Overwatering the yard can create standing water. Any landscaping changes made to the yard which changes the existing grading will also contribute to standing water issues. Do not fill or plant in the swales of the lot as this will inhibit drainage in the yard and can keep excess moisture close to the foundation.

Q: I would like to install a pool, what do I need to know?

A: First, make sure that the company hired to install the pool has checked where the utility lines are located as well as the irrigation system lines. Also, the pool install plan must not create negative drainage to your property or the properties adjacent to yours. If the grading isn’t taken into consideration, standing water can occur in your yard as well as creating a drainage issue for the neighbors. Any changes to the grading must keep water away from the foundation. Should a material change like the addition of a pool be made to the home, RENDITION Homes will not warrant and/or repair any drainage issues caused by the addition nor does the limited warranty offered by RENDITION Homes cover the addition.


Q: Why are my brand new walls cracking?

A: Minor cracking of the interior walls can normally be attributed to the settlement of the home, the drying of the drywall itself and environmental influences. At the time that the drywall is installed, there is a great deal of humidity in the home. When the wood and the drywall begin to dry some minor cracks in the drywall can appear. The hairline cracks do not signify a structural defect in the home and are easy to repair. Maintenance of the drywall is the homeowner’s responsibility, however, during the first year of homeownership, RENDITION Homes will coordinate with trade partners in order to repair these cracks.

Q: Why are the nails coming out of the drywall?

A: Occasionally the nails in the drywall will be become loose from the stud they are attached to. As they loosen, the compound that covers the nails begins to “pop out” creating a bulge along the drywall seam. This is a simple repair that RENDITION will service for the first year of the warranty. Afterwards, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility as a part of regular home maintenance.


Q: The wood pickets in my fences are starting to warp and/or split, who is responsible for fixing this?

A: The fence is maintained by the homeowner. RENDITION Homes recommends that the fence be sealed soon after closing in order to help the wooden fence last longer against the elements. However, the gate is covered under the 1st year home warranty. Continuing to keep the fence in good working order is a part of regular homeowner home maintenance.


Q: Is ceramic tile covered by the warranty?

A: Any chips, scratches or gouges in the tile are not warranted after move in. Aging and seasonal movement may cause tile grout to crack. These are seen as normal occurrences inherent to home settlement and longevity of the tile is seen as a matter of regular home maintenance. RENDITION Homes suggests using non-abrasive cleaners on the ceramic tile and to repair grout as needed.

Q: A plank in my laminate flooring is popping up, is this a warrantable repair?

A: It is a warrantable repair that is covered in the first year of ownership unless it is due to damage. An example of damage would be excessive moisture left on the flooring.


Q: There are cracks in my foundation, does this mean there is a structural defect in my home?

A: The appearance of cracks in the foundation can be alarming for homeowners but rest assured that these cracks do not necessarily signify a structural defect in the home. For hairline cracks, the most likely cause is shrinkage of the concrete. The outer surfaces of concrete dry faster since they are subject to the elements as opposed to the rest of the concrete. The water evaporates faster at the surface and the concrete begins to shrink as it dries. Another reason cracking can occur is home settlement. The clay soil in North Texas is expansive in nature. When the clay is wet it gains a great deal of volume. As the clay swells it places pressure on the foundation which can crack as it attempts to relieve that pressure. Should cracks appear in the foundation within the first two years of ownership, contact the RENDITION Homes customer service department. If cracks appear after the first two years, a structural claim will need to be submitted to the warranty company.


Q: Why doesn’t RENDITION Homes paint the garage?

A: To texture and paint the garage is an upgrade that is offered by RENDITION Homes. If not selected, RENDITION will only tape and bed the garage.


Q: There is still blue tape from the final walk-through on some of my walls, will RENDITION return to touch up the paint?

A: If the touch up was documented at the time of closing, a warranty request should be submitted to RENDITION Homes and we will then schedule a date and time for service. While the touch up is the same paint color as what is existing, color variations can happen due to different production runs of the paint itself. Color variations may also manifest due to the application of new paint on top of paint that has been dry for a longer period of time. RENDITION Homes will not touch up paint due to normal wear and tear by the homeowner such as scuffs and scratches or other markings.


Q: Is my HVAC unit still covered after the 2 year warranty with RENDITION is expired?

A: The warranty on the HVAC is provided by the manufacturer and is usually for 5 years. This manufacturer’s warranty can be extended to 10 years if the homeowner registers the HVAC unit within 90 days of closing on their home. The manufacturer’s warranty covers parts but not service and labor. Within the first 2 years of homeownership, RENDITION Homes will coordinate service repairs with the HVAC contractor for any mechanical malfunction of the HVAC system. This does not include normal maintenance of the unit. Air filters are to be changed by the homeowner as well as maintenance of the A/C drain lines.


Q: The tree in my yard is dying, will RENDITION replace the dead tree?

A: Unfortunately, the RENDITION Homes warranty does not cover landscaping, trees, shrubs and grass. At the time of planting, RENDITION ensured that the sod, trees and plants were alive and continued proper maintenance so the plantings could thrive. Circumstances beyond our control, including the weather and homeowner lawn maintenance are reasons why RENDITION Homes cannot warrant landscaping.


Q: Why do my windows leak when it rains?

The most likely cause for the leak is shrinkage or corrosion of the caulking around the window trim. It is important that the homeowner inspect and correct the window caulking as a part of routine home maintenance. If shrinkage and/or corrosion has occurred, the homeowner will need to replace the weathered caulking surrounding the window with new caulking. It is recommended for the homeowner to inspect exterior caulking as a preventative maintenance item on a seasonal schedule.

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